When Karl Reusch manufactured his first glove in a small workshop in Metzingen,  Germany in 1934, he had a vision -


Gebhard Reusch then transferred his father's passion to the sports sector, and in 1973 in conjuction with Sepp Maier the West German National goalkeeper, together they developed the first ever functional goalkeeper glove with a latex palm. One year later and Maier became the first ever World Champion to wear Reusch Goalkeeper Gloves and changed goalkeeping forever.

A victorious Sepp Maier holds the World Cup aloft after West Germany defeated Holland 2-1 in the 1974 World Cup Final

More than thirty five years later, things have changed a lot in the football world. Reusch's original aim, however, has remained the same. Technical improvements to both football boots and footballs encourage a more ambitious playing style, and require gloves to use more advanced materials to combat the pace, force and swerve of a modern shot. Reusch stick consistently to their core competence - i.e. The development of new technologies and the creation of innovative products! One of the main elements to the design of any Reusch glove, is that of protection of the goalkeeper's hands. Gloves made for Champions! No matter whether it is for an International goalkeeper playing at the pinnacle of the Professional game, or an Amateur player or a Junior player just learning the game, and no matter what surface they play on and no matter what weather conditions prevail - Reusch have a glove to suit all needs! Innovation, Quality, Comfort, Technology, Functionality, Protection and Value for Money are all key words when designing new products to add to the range. Reusch also manufacture a specialist range of Apparel which is ergonomically designed to offer protection during training or matches and is both stylish and functional, and a full range of accessories complete the range offer and meet every goalkeeper's requirements for every match.



                    Gloves from the new Argos Range as worn by Julio Cesar of Brazil and QPR                                                                                                        





Reusch not only produce quality Goalkeeping products, but since the early 1980's have also been co-operating in the Winter Sports sector with the largest ski associations, providing their athletes with top quality ski gloves, and therefore supplying some of the most successful skiiers in the world. The following ski pools all put their trust in Reusch Ski Gloves, helping to make Reusch one of the world's leading ski glove manufacturers.

Austria / Switzerland / USA / Liechenstein / France / Slovenia & Poland. The same vision applies as in football and the range is technically sound, innovative and has comfort and performance at the forefront of its design brief. All Reusch products benefit from the experience gained in the pro sports sector. Reusch also produce a wide range of ski accessories and have just added further categories in helmets, goggles and apparel to the range portfolio.

Lindsey Vonn - U.S. Ski Team 

For more than 70 years, thorough research and co-operation with science centres and universities, but most of all close contact with both professional and amateur sportsmen and women, have been the key elements of product design and development at Reusch. In close co-operation with the best in their respective disciplines, who all have a passion for sport, Reusch create ski collections year after year which have no equal worldwide in terms of performance, user flexibility, reliability and wearing comfort and keep it well ahead of its competitors! 

                                      For more details about the full Reusch range currently available for both football and ski, go to www.reusch.com

Reusch UK are official suppliers to U.K. Sports Retailers of Reusch Goalkeeping Gloves, Apparel and Accessories and also supply Reusch Ski Gloves and Accessories to specialist Ski Shops.